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Welcome to

First Presbyterian Kindergarten

and Preschool
Peachtree City, GA

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We are the Peachtree City First Presbyterian - - Kindergarten
We love to sing and play
Make things out of clay
Paint pictures green and blue
Learn God loves me and you
And there's so much more to do
At the Peachtree City First Presbyterian - - Kindergarten
The school that we love best!

First Presbyterian Kindergarten was founded in 1968 with Jane Smith as its first director. Our school was the first preschool and kindergarten in Peachtree City. Jane held kindergarten classes in the downstairs section of her home on Hip pocket Road. Through its small origins, it has grown to one of the largest preschools in Peachtree City.

Our goals remain the same today as in 1968. We strive to provide a rich environment geared to the young child's rhythm of development and to nourish his spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth. Individualized teaching is stressed so that each child is allowed to progress at his own speed. Cognitive and social growth is recognized in the child’s development.

The value of the "total child" is all-important.